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Intelligent Drone Pod is a team of drones that delivers ability to manage complex missions requiring high stability, depth of vision, ability to operate in adverse conditions, zero blind spots, information security and continuous operation capability. Intelligent Drone Pod is designed for non-lethal use by various agencies and industry sectors.

  • defense
  • public safety and surveillance
  • energy
  • construction
  • agriculture
  • highways and waterways
  • communications
  • forestry and land use
  • emergency and disaster relief
  • border security


Intelligent Drone Pod is a solution that can be used for many different purposes through its intelligent mission models. The Pod consists of several drones that are able to perform difficult, time consuming and potentially dangerous tasks, such as:

survey the border around the clock
help police search missing people
track and escort moving vehicles
patrol any area of interest
detect damage in a power line
monitor the development of events

mission models

Intelligent mission models represent the best configurations for different tasks. Missions models automatically set the operating mode of every individual drone in the Pod. Mission models are intelligent so they can handle changing parameters and adjust drone operating modes immediately.

border surveillance

operating modes

Each individual drone has several operating modes

that are automatically set by the mission model


Stationary mode for high fidelity, unblinking, long lasting viewing


Mobile mode for responding to events and movements and close up


Transition mode to assume identity, role and sync data with fatigued drone


Partial availability mode for emergency deployment

pod Highlights and features

Ease of command and control

  • Aidditive drone pod can be easily controlled via mission models
  • Individual drone operating mode assigned and modified automatically
  • 100% manual control by operator over pod and individual unit, as needed
  • Sophisticated mission models reduce amount of upfront operator training
  • Level of manual intervention needed is far less than any other non-lethal solution
Security and access control

  • Control and sensory data encryption for privacy and security
  • Safe harbor protocol for unique levels of payload and drone safety
  • Anti-jamming and anti-electronic warfare protocol
  • Machine learning capabilities continuously improve mission models
  • Ability to replace a fatigued/damaged unit without interruption or data loss
Analysis and synchronization

  • Control center sends same mission parameters to each drone unit
  • Drone units interpret mission parameters based on operating mode
  • Drone units sync among themselves to intelligently work as a team
  • Control center receives and analyzes operating parameter in real-time
  • Control center transmits mission updates as needed
Stability, deep vision and high reliability

  • Multi-mode stabilizer enables high fidelity vision in turbulent conditions
  • Depth of vision allows detailed images from safe operating distances
  • Long uptime capability allows for continuous deployment missions
  • Automatic relief mode for highly reliable missions
Intelligent Drone Pod capability is greater than individual drone capability
  • Comprehensive situation analysis is performed through combining surveillance modes
  • Complex missions are launched with a single click and quickly adapt
  • Pod automatically adjusts formation for the best performance per the mission model
  • Continuous operations are possible through automated relief and replacement


Raven x1.4 has been in use since year 2014 in multiple military and security applications and has given us deep and broad monitoring and continuous surveillance ability that has saved countless lives and supported vital planning functions. We continue to work closely with the RAVN to further enhance the capabilities and are pleased with their partnership and willingness to address our rapidly evolving needs

Aidditive had developed a solution that is remarkably intelligent, easy to use and gives us ability to monitor locations and events in a very effective cost model. We appreciate the continuous innovation and growing intelligence of the solutions


unit specifications

Type: Rotary wing
Maximum takeoff mass: 7.9 lbs
Payload capability: 1.3 lbs
Frame material: Carbon fiber
IP-IEC protection class: 43
Propulsion: 4 brushless motors, electric pusher propeller
Battery: 16000mAh, 14.8V
Optical module: 1080p,
30x optical zoom
Stabilization: 3-axis

operating specifications

Endurance: 60min
Take off type: Vertical
Landing type: Vertical
Maximum ceiling (AMSL): 500 ft
Pre-flight setup time: <5 min
Temperature range: -4F° to +122Fº
Communication link, control and video: Digital, encrypted
Communication & control range: 32800 ft (6.2 mi)
Live video stream resolution: 720p, 30 fps
Recordable video resolution: 1080p, 30 fps
Wind conditions: Stable in winds up to 25 mph

mission specification

Mission models: Border, tracking, survey, tracing, Tracing, Patrol, location, event
Modes: Sentry, unvestigation, relief, charging
Mission reconfiguration: In-flight
Pre-flight checks: Autonomous
Take off, flight and landing:Autonomous
Camera triggering: Autonomous
Fail-safe routines: Autonomous
Fail-safe commands: Manual

Control system specifications

Communication protocol: Encrypted (mission, control, operating)
Data and video security: Encrypted (video and sensory)
Video synchronization: Automatic
Video analysis routines: Artificial intelligence, algorithmic
Spherical video: Optional
Augmented reality: Optional
Thermal vision: Optional
Anti-jamming communication: Optional

government contract vehicles

As a government agency, you can access Aidditive solutions and leverage the full strength of our capabilities, through a wide range of easy-to-use government contract vehicles, available through our partners and resellers. These include Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), Multiple Agency Contracts (MACs), General Services Administration (GSAs), Federal Supply Schedules (FSSs), Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs), and agency-specific Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IDIQs).

partners and resellers

Aidditive works with wide range of partners and resellers for federal government, state government and civilian applications. Our intelligent vehicle solutions are available for integration and private labeling.

Please send partner and reseller inquires to [email protected]

Aidditive Intelligent Drone Pod is designed, assembled and managed in the USA from our secure facilities in Virginia.

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