adding value through intelligence


We convert your ideas into sustainable solutions


Finance Solutions for banking, trading, payments, risk management and client self-service.
Public Safety and Surveillance Solutions for surveillance, situation monitoring, tracing, tracking, surveys and inspections
Media and Broadcasting Solutions for personalized experience, content augmentation, digital newsletters and mobile viewing
Transportation Solutions for vehicle-vehicle communication, security and autonomous intelligent operations
Healthcare Solutions for eligibility, enrollment, payment, case management, benefit administration and self-service


Integration Deep experience in system, data and process integration of enterprise solutions across multiple data sources and system boundaries, on-premise and cloud
RPA Convergence of domain expertise with experience in process design, simplification and automation, delivers sustainable and cost effective solutions
Cognitive Computing Experience in research and development of machine learning networks, natural language processing and training of learning systems with content and context
Content Analysis Practical applications of video content analysis, intelligent coding and automatic synchronization; and text content analysis for context, content, intent and emotion.
Blockchain Experience with solutions that require distributed ledgers, smart contracts, contract security, contract synchronization, access control, auditing and compliance


Focus on your Outcome

We reward results, not hours

We measure results more than we count hours. Our outcome centric approach to measuring performance creates alignment between our people, processes and compensation to deliver the outcome you need. Our pod approach ensures that client always gets more value than they pay for, both in terms of hours and more importantly, in terms of timely delivery.

Product, process and project management

Aligned to your organization

The key to delivering solutions that meet client expectations, is a coherent balance of expertise and experience in product management, process management and project management. We pride ourselves in aligning our 3P model to your organizational capabilities and augmenting areas with skills and experience as appropriate.

Lower your risk

We manage and share project risks

Every IT project must address risk of scope, quality, timeliness and ROI. Our delivery model is unique in reducing these risks for our clients through deliberate actions, before, during and after project execution. In certain cases we are willing to absorb risk of scope, quality and market timing.


Affordable solutions that you can own

Total cost of ownership and ability to operate, maintain and enhance the system, long after the development project is over, is the appropriate measure of sustainability. We strive to deliver sustainable solutions from project launch to day of acceptance and beyond. Our delivery model, CTO oversight and best practices ensure that the solution we deliver belongs to your organization.


Aidditive team has been working with us since 2012, helping us with the product strategy, design, development and support. Every team member is well trained to listen closely, think creatively and communicate effectively. We use them to build solutions for our clients and also for figuring out ways to win more clients

Aidditive team is very innovative and quick to learn. We asked them to master a complex new technology platform that we adopted and they did it without charging us any hours. Now they are the go-to team for our neural network and semantic analysis needs

We asked Aidditive to help launch a new product for our digital studio, and they raced the product to market in record time, beating our expectations. We have seen significant revenue growth in the last 12 months, which we credit to the partnership with Aidditive


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